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A niche healthcare practice located in Bellevue, WA, health:latch was founded in 2017 by Dr. James Thomas, a pediatric dentist with over a decade of clinical experience in Washington and a passion for positive health outcomes. As the founder and owner of NW Pediatric Dentistry – later rebranded to Everyone By One – Dr. Thomas pursued a mission to encourage families to visit the dentist by Age One. Throughout his career, he continued to push early intervention and preventative, outcome-based pediatric dentistry. With this goal in mind, Dr. Thomas searched for earlier interventions with infants and children and became interested in tongue tie release for newborns who were unable to form a lip seal and proper tongue position during breastfeeding, a growing concern among nursing mothers. The more of these children he saw in his practice, the more convinced he became that enhancing the duration along with quality of breastfeeding would improve overall health outcomes for the baby and its family. Furthermore, with additional research, he saw improvements in breathing, airway formation, speech, and sleep habits.

In April 2016, realizing he couldn’t continue to grow Everyone By One and focus on serving infants and children struggling with oral restrictions, he sold his pediatric dental practices in order to found health:latch, a practice that has one sole purpose: to help babies, children and their families thrive. After extensive research and continuing education, he has created a research-based, team approach that integrates modern laser technology and old-fashioned customer service. Today, with a network of like-minded pediatric medical professionals, health:latch prides itself on partnering with parents to educate, diagnose, treat, and support families with any challenges related to tongue-tie, beginning with breastfeeding.

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